Bids Requested for Champion Tourneys

Bids Requested for Champion Tourneys

Greetings to the populace of the East Kingdom from Their Royal Highnesses, Tindal and Alberic,

We will have the great honor of hosting a number of champion tourneys during Our reign.  While the bids were due by EK Law by one month after the preceding Fall Crown Tournament, We are extending the bid deadlines as follows:

The Crown’s Equestrian Champions                        
Preferred date: late May to early June              
Bid deadline: March 1

The Crown’s Champions of Arms
Preferred date: June
Bid deadline: April 1

The Crown’s Archery Champions
Preferred date: June to early July
Bid deadline: April 1

The Crown’s Thrown Weapons Champions
Preferred date: June to early July
Bid deadline: April 1

We will consider a bid that includes more than one championship taking place at the same event.  Event scheduling should be planned to allow competitors to enter both tourneys (the schedules should not overlap).  Events may be stand-alone events or may be combined with the group’s existing event.  Champions Tourney events are not required to rotate through the regions but, We would prefer to see the Champions events being held in different regions. 

Bids should contain the following minimum elements: 

  • Event steward’s name
  • Event sponsor
  • Site name/address
  • Relevant site amenities related to the tourney
  • General site amenities
  • Maximum attendance limits
  • Proposed schedule of days activities
  • Budget of estimated income and expenses.
  • List of the principal staff and their relevant experience

Full bids are to be submitted to:, and a copy of the proposed budget also submitted to the Kingdom Exchequer

In Service to the Crown and Kingdom,
TRH Tindal and Alberic

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