About Alberic

Alberic von Rostock


About the Heir Consort

His Royal Highness is a 13th century German from the city of Rostock on the Warnow River. He is dressing in the fashion of Rome to match His Highness Tindal. His Highness was born in the Barony of Concordia of the Snows and has also lived, briefly in the Barony of Delftwood in AEthelmearc and the Shire of Coldwood of the East, and then returning home to Concordia. His Highness has been involved with the SCA for a little over 30 years, has enjoyed traveling and meeting wonderful people of the East Kingdom.

Photo Courtesy: Vitalia La Soleil

Personal Device

His Highness’s pronouns are:


His Highness is interested in:

Armored fighting, rapier fighting, bardic arts, and cordials.

His Highness likes:

All things heraldic.

Please feed His Highness:

Water, unsweetened ice tea, coffee (with cream and sugar), bread and cheese.

Please do not feed His Highness:

Egg whites, corn, rye bread, shrimp.

His Highness has the following food restrictions:

Egg whites, corn, rye bread, shrimp.

His Highness would like events to feature:

Pageantry and activities the whole family can enjoy. Honor and dignity on and off the field.

His Highness’s Favor:

Information on His Higness’s favor can be found on the Favor Information Page.