Alberic’s Favor

Alberic’s Favor

This is the design of the favor HRM Alberic will use during his reign. Many favors will be needed to give to the populace in recognition of their prowess, service, and skill.

The favor should be worked on a blue background with white roman A crossed with a white sword. The blue background should be close to DMC 312, but other similar colors will also work. The shading on the A should be gray (DMC 415 is a good choice).

The finished favors should be 4 inches wide, and a total of 21 inches long. They will then be folded in half for use as a belt favor.

These favors can be done with embroidery, paint, appliqué, beadwork, metalwork, or any other technique. Have fun and be creative.

Favors can be handed to any royal attendant or myself at an event. For alternate delivery, you can mail finished favors to me at:
Annette Fox
4 Celtic Ct
Uxbridge MA 01569
If you have any questions, please contact me at either:
Eleanor le Brun on FaceBook or
Thank you for your efforts!

In Service,
Baroness Eleanor le Brun

Favor Pattern PDF Download